Lang zal Eland leven

Lang zal Eland leven. A picture book for everyone. About friendship, loss and mourning. About gratitude, letting go and trust. About endings and new beginnings.

Eland and Eekhoorn have been together for a long time. But Eland changes, he becomes Eland Somewhere Else. Eekhoorn would rather not know, but deep down he knows anyway. Eland knows it too and together they find a way to let go of each other and they both travel further in their own way.

have been around for a while. Just after they were finished and written, my father became seriously ill. And during that time of being ill, I realized that everything I had put into words had always been there. The lessons about life, friendship, being able to share tears, laughter and stories, but above all the gratitude and confidence in letting go.It had already been experienced by my parents and ancestors and I had written it down in my own words without knowing it to share.

The book would not have been as beautiful without Donata van der Rassel (publisher Aurora Concepts) and Leonie Verbrugge, the illustrator of the many beautiful illustrations in the book and designer of the book. NPN Drukkers finished it. I hope it makes you as happy as I am. You can order the book here. Thank you!






YearAurora Concepts Haarlem, 2024
CreditsIllustraties Leonie Verbrugge
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