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About me

Reina&Greetje That's me and welcome to my world. There where I live, experience and where everything is possible. Where I enjoy the people around me that I love. The place where I still don't know or understand everything and have the confidence that those times will come, exactly when it's right. Where I can go from elated to quiet and wonderfully alone. Laugh, cry, fall and always get back up. Where I can be my biggest little me.

‘Reina&Greetje has an inherant intention to touch the wonders of the worlds, the known and unknown’ – Iman Kamel

I observe and look at the everyday in a different way. From the upside down, inside out or in a dance around it. Through my eyes there are a lot of connections that create many universes inside of me. That's where I find them. The lost bits and the memories. The glimpses, shimmers and twinkles. Found to share and blast into the world wishing they hit. In words, images or together at the same time. 

How does Reina&Greetje work?

Where Reina is the one who collects words and images in the infinitely wonderful worlds of imagination, Greetje makes sure they come home, with two feet back on solid ground.

In order not to get infinite lost, I draw up a road map with a number of starting points. A clear direction, start, end and a few intermediate stations. Along with a lot of space in between to discover new paths. For clarity for myself and the people I work with.

Wherever in the worlds I am, it’s almost always possible to keep in touch and communicate. Do you wish to know more about me, about working together or just want to ask anything? Feel free to call or email me!


Lang zal Eland leven

Reina&Greetje x Leonie Verbrugge

Expected 2024, Aurora Concepts

Slow down and play awhile – holiday edition


Reina&Greetje x Sâlt + Flor


Afûk Winterboek


Reina&Greetje x Afûk


It grutte foarlêsboek II


Reina&Greetje x Afûk


Primary education

Tomke projekt

Reina&Greetje x Afûk

2002 - now

Keimpe wurkgroep

Reina&Greetje x Afûk

2021 - now

And more ...

which is on it's merry way! Are you curious like me about what else will come along my way - and maybe yours also? Then you can subscribe to the newsletter or follow the adventures of Reina&Greetje @reina_en_greetje 


Look-and-find 'Allegear húskes'

2024 Afûk + SFBO



2024 Afûk, Leeuwarden


Booklet in rhyme for the National Reading Days of 2024

2024 Afûk 

Lekker ticht by my

Short story for themebooklet By ús thús

2023 Afûk – Keimpe workgroup

Alle kleuren berntsjes, Blub! en Tomkekrolleblomkes

Poem and two short stories for Tomke themebooklet nr. 27

2023 Afûk

Oer de kop

Short story Tomke

2023 Afûk - magazine heit&mem


Poem ‘Snotferkâlden’ + short storie ‘Ik wol gjin wintersliep’

2022 Afûk, Leeuwarden

Slow down and play awhile – holiday edition

Co-author text travel guide illustrated inspirational cards

2022 Sâlt and Flor – Topmap Special Products B.V.


Three short stories for Lêsline, a Frisian curriculum for primary school

2022 Afûk – Keimpe workgroup

De kleur is grien 

Short story theme booklet Nei bûten

2022 Afûk


Short storie

2022 Afûk x IVN

Allegear húskes and Myn húske dat bin ik’

Short story and poem booklet 26

2022 Afûk

Konfetty út ‘e loft

Short storie

2022 Cedin – magazine Tsjil 

Omrop Fryslân

Three scripts for Tomke television broadcast

  • It ploptintsje
  • Tomke wol net nei hûs
  • Tomke mei net yn ‘e húshoeke
Tomke fynt wat út and Plústerskatten

Short stories story contest Tomke


Five short stories for Lêsline, a Frisian curriculum for primary school

2021 Afûk – Keimpe workgroup

De bliere seerôver

Short story theme booklet De Winskmasine

2021 Afûk – Keimpe workgroup

Jappy Wierhier

Short storie

2021 Cedin – magazine Tsjil

Popke de pop-up kabouter

Short storie

2020 Cedin – magazine Tsjil

Nei oeral en ik wit net wêr


2020 Afûk magazine heit&mem


In bysûnder typemasineferhaal

Short storie

2020 Cedin – magazine Tsjil

It grutte foarlêsboek II

Short story 'Minze Mûs en de fleanende ûnderbroeken' 

2019 Afûk, Leeuwarden

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