Reina&Greetje infinitely likes to write many much letters for children + secretly for grown-ups.

For that she travels back and forth between the infinite wonderful worlds of imagination and home. To Everywhere and That's Possible. Always.

Reina&Greetje. That's me!

Reina&Greetje. That's me and we write together. We often find that more fun than alone. Where Reina is the one who collects words in the infinitely wonderful worlds of imagination, Greetje ensures that they actually get two feet on the ground.

Reina & Greetje write stories and poems with Frisian and Dutch words. From stories for primary education and toddlers to dreamy poems for everyone, from text assignments to stories for the littlest ones.

fotografie: Masha Bakker Matijevic Photography
mua: Fleur Pieterse Beauty Care


Welcome to the world of Reina&Greetje


From stories to learn to read at different AVI levels to reading stories for toddlers and preschoolers. Giving the everyday something special in a form that fits, makes me a happy writer.


Poems to dream far away, in the form of a verse or a short but powerful one - that hits. Playing with words, until I find the right rhythm.


In recent years I have contributed to three books and my first book-on-my-own 'Lang zal Eland Leven' will soon be published. That's not just something, that's very special to me!

un-commissioned work

The works that sometimes arise just like that and also want to be shared. A gathering place for work from the world of Reina&Greetje.


Because working with more than just one is very nice, I like to write together with others too. In the form of a book, project or work group for example.


A real Reina&Greetje at your house? That's possible! Made with lots of love and sustainable printed. To give or to keep.

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